Thursday, May 24, 2007

Charmed: Rose McGowan as Paige

Rose McGowanRose McGowan, born in Florence, Italy on September 5, 1973. The daughter of an Irish artist and a French writer.

The McGowan family (including 6 children, with Rose, the second oldest) relocated to Oregon when Rose was ten years old. Five years later, Rose left the place and took off to live on her own, supporting herself with several jobs.

Living on her own also meant being forced to live on the streets, but she then got her act together and attended Art and beauty school. Rose headed to LA, where she had a chance encounter director Gregg Araki, outside of a gym. Araki cast Rose as lead in his film, The Doom Generation, despite the fact that the acting experience she could claim that point was a bit part in 1992's Encino Man. The Doom Generation was 1995 Sundance Film Festival entry, and although it received great reviews, it was enough to launch Rose's career.

In 1996, she was included cast along with Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox Arquette in the hit thriller, Scream, as well as the offensive Pauly Shore comedy Bio-Dome. In 1997, Rose appeared in another Araki film, Nowhere, and she starred in Lewis & Clark & George and the film short Seed.

Rose co-starred with Ben Affleck in Going All the Way and Phantoms, and starred in Southie and the made-for-TV movie, Devil in the Flesh, both in 1998.

It was in 1999 that Rose was given the chance to shine (albeit in a pretty dark movie), in her starring role as Courtney Shane in Jawbreaker, alongside Rebecca Gayheart. She then co-starred with Heather Graham in the low-budget flick Kiss and Tell, and starred as Jackie-O in the JFK assassination-based video for Marilyn Manson's "Coma White".

Speaking of the shock rocker himself, Marilyn Manson (a.k.a Brian Warner) has been romantically linked to Rose for the past couple of years, and their romance has been highly publicized. The two were engaged in February of 1999, after the singer proposed to Rose while in the bathtub together. She also cast in the Tv series Charmed as Paige (half-whitelighter and half witch) half sisters of Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Phoebe (Alyssa Milano)..

Rose was last seen in Ready to Rumble, The Last Stop and Monkeybone. A former child model and presently a spokesmodel for the fashion line BeBe, Rose is presently working on her next film role, starring in Rat in the Can....

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