Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Adventures of Superboy: Gerard Christopher

SuperboyGerard Christopher, an American actor (born Jerry DiNome in 1959). He was the second actor that play for the role of Superboy in the series of the same name (1989-1992). During his appearances on Superboy he also become the producer and writer of the series. He performed number of telemovies, and guest star on daytime soaps such as Days of our Lives and Sunset Beach, and the primetime tv series, Melrose Place. His recent film (as of 2003) was "Zack" in the movie The First of May (1999). He also recently appeared as himself on the 2006 television documentary Look, Up in the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman talking about his time on Superboy.

He is best known for his portrayal of the classic American comic book hero Superboy and his alter ego Clark Kent in the number ten ranked Viacom production of The Adventures of Superboy which aired internationally from 1988-2000. But fell into part long before he began his role as Superboy in 1989. His career as a TV hero was a bit more difficult. From the moment that Gerard was chosen as the new Superboy that would replace John Haymes Newton that was fired he had a difficult job ahead of himself. Prior to his arrival as the new Boy of Steel, the show's Nielsen rating was number 48 and it was teetering on the edge of being cancelled. Fortunately, just weeks after Gerard donned his tights and cape, the show's rating soared to number ten. Soon thereafter, Gerard's writing talent and business savvy caught the attention of Viacom and he was made a contributing writer in his second season and producer in his third. Viacom also gave him a directing contract in his third and final season.

Episode written by Gerard, New York Post television critic, David Bianculli said, "Scripts have begun to stress character and plot above special effects using different gimmicks. In terms of the sensibilities of the series to date, the results are somewhat super. The series, as whole, like Star Trek: The Next Generation, is a first run syndicated series worth noting and enjoying." One episode written by Gerard, entitled Wish for Armageddon was the only episode that Viacom submitted for Emmy Award consideration. The Adventures of Superboy celebrated the completion of its 100th episode in August of 1991.





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