Friday, March 16, 2007

Wonder Woman: Lynda Carter

Wonder Woman
The athletic and stunning actress, Lynda Carter was the perfect cast as the amazonian princess who leaves the Themyscira island to fight for justices in the world. She possesses bracelets that have ability to deflect projectiles and a magical golden lariat (lasso) that compelled complete honesty and obedience in anyone ensnared by it. The first season took place during World War II with Wonder Woman fighting the Nazis. The Second season updated the Wonder Woman mythos to modern times and a different network. The series has only three seasons but proved to be a pop-cultural hit thanks to reruns.

Wonder Woman: Lynda CarterLinda Jean Córdoba Carter in real life born in Phoenix, Arizona. Colby Carter, her father is Irish American, and Juana Córdoba, her mother is Mexican. She grew up as an avid reader and fan of the Wonder Woman comic books. She went to Globe High School in Globe AZ and Arcadia High School in Phoenix, then to Arizona State University, but after being voted the most talented student she dropped out in order to pursue career in music. She toured as a singer with several rock groups before returning to Arizona in 1972. Joining a local beauty contest and achieved her first national fame by winning Miss World USA in 1972 representing Arizona. As the United States entrant in the Miss World pageant she reached the semi-finals. After taking several acting classes at New York acting schools, she began making appearances on TV shows such as Starsky and Hutch, Cos and Nakia and B-movies including Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw (1976). However, her acting career did not take off until she landed her starring role in Wonder Woman television series. Her great performance amused her fans and critics but the series lasted only for three seasons. Thirty years after first taking on the role, Carter continues to be closely identified with Wonder Woman....





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